Pat Duffy Lego Truck

SCANIA LB 141 "PAT DUFFY" presented by Bibendum & Flipje

Andrea Lattanzio, who is a FlickR user, contacted me some months ago by Facebook. I was getting used to it, and didnt see her message. Well, today I have seen it and here it is his creation: A Lego Scania LB 141!

This is for you Andrea! :P. Remember readers, if you have a Lego creations and want it to be posted here, just ask. I am not everywhere!


“In October 2012 I found in a forum for English truckers a great SCANIA LB 141 with a very fascinating colour scheme; after reading a lot of posts I discovered it was the 141 used in the seventies by an English hauler located on the Hampshire called “Pat Duffy” (Patrick J Duffy Transport).
In the seventies this 141, with many others “brothers”, operated on traction work hauling other companies trailers all over Europe, it carried loads of Sony TVs to Milan (where I live) also to Barcelona, Lisbon and Athens.
The LB 141 was released by the Swedish manufacturer in 1976; it was identical to the 140 but it had a most powerful engine unit (385 HP).

SCANIA LB 141 "PAT DUFFY" - tools box

Stunned by the story and the style of “Pat Duffy” tractor in November 2012 I started building the 1/13 LEGO model. On February 2013 it was finished and ready to be placed close to my LB 140 yellow and blue. I love the colour scheme and the accessories as the Hella supplemental lights, the side ladder and the luggage rack. I also like the double english plate on the back.”

So this is the story of the creation. Thank you for sharing it with me Andrea! You can see many more pictures of this creation at his FlickR Gallery.


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