Homemade Lythium Lego Battery

Changing your original power functions battery to a Lythium battery is as easy as mtrkustoms, an HispaLUG member, show us. He has achieved it.

“I am not responsible for any damages that may result from tinkering with lithium batteries, burns, loss of bricks, etc.

Do not do it without adult supervision

First and most important:

Lithium batteries are dangerous and highly flammable with excessive discharges or overloads. Therefore they can only be loaded with appropriate chargers and protect downloads with advertisers.

Now that you are afraid I can start


– RC Battery Case (PF battery box)

– Lipo Batteries, 2 cells.

– Li-po charger

– Welder

– Tin

– Cables

– Electronic connectors

– Heat shrink sleeve

1. – Disamble the battery box:

2. – Remove the switch module

3. – To run this module without orange switch it must be bridged with welding tracks as seen in the image

It can be soldered or both or the two red stripes green stripes (each corresponding to a position in the switch of battery box)

4. – Solder a connector to the wires to the batteries out to connect the rechargeable battery pack.

5. – These are the batteries. The important thing is to link two cells in series to get 7.4v.

6. – Solder a connector to the pack of batteries.

7. – Voila, we have our battery pack for PF Home”

In my opinion it is a great solution. I may give it a chance… I think it can be done better if we put the whole building inside the old battery box. What do you think?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Foolish Lego
    Jul 02, 2013 @ 13:21:39

    I may have missed this but…. why would you want to do this?


    • yiharuablog
      Jul 02, 2013 @ 19:35:24

      Haha! Good question!

      The price of the Lego PF rechargable battery is much higger than the normal battery. This way you can have a rechargable one cheaper.


  2. mtrkustoms
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 15:52:20

    The reasons to do it are the folwing:

    1. It is cheaper than the lego rechargeable box

    2. You can have batteries with more capacity, or smaller, or a flat battery

    3. have the posibiliy to custom the connection pins or studs


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