Lego M4 A3 Sherman

“The M4 Sherman, formally Medium Tank, M4, was the primary tank produced by the United States during World War II. Total production Sherman M4 exceeded 50,000 units and its chassis served as the basis for other designs, such as tank destroyers, recovery vehicles and self-propelled artillery. In the United Kingdom, the M4 were called “Sherman” becouse of the General W. Tecumseh Sherman. Later, the name started being used in the United States.”

I had two primary goals while redesigning my old M4 Sherman. I basically wanted this:

-Reduce the size to resemble the real scale.
-Keep the design of the entire hull. Redesigning the front and the tower.
-Increase gameplay. (I have child soul :D)

Although these were the main objectives, I also wanted to remake the suspension system, which I didn´t like, and build a detailed interior. Fortunately I was able to meet all my goals, including redoing the interior. Furthermore, it increases a lot the gameplay. You will see thorugh the post.

Lets start.


The front view shows that the sides and bottom of the front hull have maintained their style, with several curved slopes and lights. However, the front where the machine gun is has been modified so that it had the proper tilt, as the real M4 Sherman.

And we have another detail. There are chains in the front, as in many real tanks.


The side also keeps the look of the first version of my creation, as well as the Sherman, but there are a number of changes and improvements. We will not consider the turret, which is going to be seen later.

As we can see, the hull is the same, with a little change; there are two tiles on it. I just wanted the Sherman to look like the original, again.

The second noticeable change are the front wheels. While the original Sherman used 24 tooth gears, the new ones have 16 tooth.

I also change the suspension, reducing its size and adding those tires that seemed very appropriate. Size reduction has led me to save about 50 chains. The length was reduced from 24 to 21 and a half studs.


On the back the most recognizable change is the size. The width of the new model is 10 studs, much more acceptable than the previous 12 studs. And better scaled.

The rest remains the same, except the central panel that protects the engine, which has been made ​​studless, and tiles have been put in that place. Even the rear hatch is the same.


The turret suffered a clean slate. . It was completely redesigned. Based on several network designs (See Bibliography at the end) and with a few more details, I got it to be more rounded. It was hard work, because the size was smaller than in the previous version.

Of course, the tower can be drawn from the tank. The gunner of the tower can be removed and is suited in very easily, and the gate closes or opens with the same simplicity.

It is completely built with the Studless technique. It was the easiest way to detail a small part. Here you can see the technique.

Even the barrel is SNOT.

I have to forgive me, I placed a yellow piece.

I’m very proud of how the new turret is. It is much more similar to the original Sherman turret.

Finally, and of course, the turret can go up and down.


The Sherman that has been designed gave me the possibility to add interior details. It was not in the original plan, but I saw that it was possible and I asked myself wether or not to include. The result has been positive.

Everything starts by removing four pieces. They are very easy to remove, they are the top of the tank. Two slopes and two tiles.

Then you remove a bunch of bricks. All together.

And voila, we get inside. This includes a seat for the driver, some control pads, an armrest that can serve to hold a gun, and some cannon balls.

And this is my Lego M4 A3 Sherman. 😀

A final photo.

Thank you for reading this huge article. Of course, it is a YiharauBlog MOC. 😉

Oh! And the video:


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  1. LegoGBC
    Jun 26, 2013 @ 21:49:52

    Looks good!
    What about some your own new GBCs? We haven’t seen those for a long time!


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