Lego P-61 Widow ariplane

P-61 'Black Widow' diorama (1)

This diorama, which was made by Ralph S (Mad Physicist) has really impressed me. It is holded in a 48×48 Lego baseplate, and represents a scene where some vehicles prepare a P-61 “Black Widow” to take off.P-61 'Black Widow' diorama (2)

This famous plane took part in the WW2, and was one of the most important for American forces. It was the first aircraft with the capability of carrying a radar system on it, giving precious advantage to Allied forces.

P-61 'Black Widow' diorama, v.2 (2)I hope you liked the article and the diorama! You can search for more photos about this plane at this gallery.

Have a nice Tuesday!


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