Brick Busters

Everyday we learn something new… At least that is my case. I was reading an HispaLUG post related to copied mocs from AFOLs by AFOLs (Which is a very interesting topic I would like to write about) when I found this:

New Brick~Busters! Logo?

LEGO community MOC image theft watchdog group ~ since 2009

The thing is that there is a Lego FlickR group which fights against plagiarism of Lego creations, including mocs, mods, photos and images… It is called brick busters.

For example, wonderful photos like this, were discovered by this group of people, and they reveal the original owner, and the person who is copying it.

FillmoreFan swipes Jens

I suppose they cannot do anything legally.

Do you agree with them? I mean, if it is your moc, or your photo, would you atack the copier?

It´s is just my thought that if I see my wonderfull Lego GBC Ball Pump in another yotube channel I will be greatful. Even if he/she doesn´t mention me.


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