Lego Cuckoo Clock

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This Lego Cuckoo Clock has been made by the eurobricks user taterots, and demonstrates a fantastic building skill…

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“Gears in the back of the clock are turned using a wooden barrel on the left side (just out of view).  When you turn the barrel it rotates both displays on the front of the clock. In trying to compress everything the cuckoo doesn’t come all the way inside and it tracks a little to the left and right (check the video in folder set). The bird is connected to a 6 long bar using a headlight brick on one end and an axle and pin connector on the other. As the gear (laid horizontally at the top) turns around it drives the 6L bar in and out of the window. The axle and pin connector at the very top hang to help guide the bar. I had to leave the guide loose so that it doesn’t jam like the piston on the Emerald Night set.”

Posted Image

You can check more photos here.


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