Economizing the Lego Pick A Brick (PAB)

The Lego Pick A Brick (PAB from here) allows the people who lives near a Lego Shop to buy Lego Pieces in bulk quantities, wich is quite nice when you need basic pieces for your creations.

This is a Lego PAB

Martin, writter of Brick Fanatics, has made a quite interesting guide on how to economize your Lego PAB, so you can get more pieces.

Personally, I do not live near a Lego Shop (There are none in Spain… Horrible, Lego change it please…) but I hope this help you to have more Lego Bricks. 😉


Building this estructures and then filling the rest of the Lego PAB will allow you to get more pieces. It is unbelievable, yes, but the author ensures that he has completely filled 3500 1×1 Lego Bricks.


Then you should ally with the round shape of the PAB. With the 1×2 plates one on top of another (Making 9 plates tall towers) you can round the Lego PAB.

If you want to know more about how to economize your Lego PAB you should check this link; it explains more apropiately the technics that would be use. I am sure you´d find it useful. 😉


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