Lego Technic Ikarus 260 Bus RC

Well, we are now in a technic video time… :P. This time the Lego Ikarus 260 Bus, very well made. The only thing I dont like about it is the colour. (There are no yellow buses in Spain).

Info about it:

“Ikarus 260 is an old hungarian bus, ca. 70.000 pcs were produced in a lot of different versions.

Dimensions (without mirrors) 75x16x19 cm, 93x19x24 stud

Weight without batteries: 3420 g
Weight with batteries: 3580 g

Technical details:
– 1 XL motor for driving
– 1 m motor for steering
– 1 m motor for the gearbox
– 3 m motors for the doors
– 3 IR receiver
– 2 sets of Led lights
– 90 cm of extension wires ( 1×50 cm, 1×20 cm)
– 1 battery box
– 2 RC units

Rear axle: 4 shock absorbers (2 hards springs, 2 normal) with differential 
Front axle: 2 shock absorbers (hard springs)

The model was made out of four major components: front axle, rear axle, gearbox and it’s driving motor and the bodywork. The chassis was strongly reinforced in order to avoid bending due to the big weight. The bodywork has about 25 connected points with the chassis in order to being compact and massive. The bus has alltogether about 50 gears in it.

The model has the following functions:

– Pendular suspension on both axles
– 2 speed RC gearbox operated by an M motor. The gearbox is able to deal with the XL motor’s high torque during gear changes while driving. 
– RC steering with working steering wheel – due to the low gearing, the M motor can steer the bus easily despite it’s huge weight
– RC controlled driving – 1 XL motor is fairly enough with this gear combination to drive the bus quite fast even if started in the 2nd gear.
– RC controlled doors – They can be operated separately and simultanously as well.
– Driver seat fitted with suspension (2 normal springs)
– Fully detailed interior and exterior – 21 seats in the same positions like in the original bus, handholds, mirrors etc.
– Easy removeable battery box
– Stickers of the local bus company
– 3 skylights on the top, they have 4 different positions
– Driver’s cabin can be opened and closed by a lever”


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