HZ transport MAN TGX

“Two years ago I built a green Scania with a stepframe trailer, which I was really happy about at the time. However, since then I’ve decided that rather than having my truck models be generic, I want them to represent a particular trucks operated by particular companies. Furthermore, I want to use the green parts for something else.

HZ transport MAN TGX (1)

A couple of months ago, I started looking for other trucks with similar stepframe trailers in a different colour. As my luck would have it, the driver of just such a truck ended up getting stuck in the street in front of my house, due to building work blocking his path. The turn-circle of the truck wasn’t sufficient for him to take a narrow side-street to escape, so the poor guy had to back up hundreds of meters greatly aggravating the half a dozen other drivers who had driven into the street and were stuck behind him. I got a good view of the truck in the process. It was perfect. It had a blue stepframe trailer and, also interesting, it was an MAN and I didn’t have one of those in my collection yet.”

HZ transport MAN TGX (2)

I dont have words for this fantastic creation. The author, Mad Physicist, has made a jewel. This moc is incredible.

HZ transport MAN TGX (5)

More photos can be seen here.


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