The 5 most produced Lego pieces

Have you ever wondered which pieces are the most produced? No? Can you gess? I am sure you are thinking about the 2×4 Lego brick, the most know Lego brick ever… But is it the first one? We´ll discover it in this article: #5MostProducedLego

But first, a few curiosities and details about Lego. Did you know that TLG (The Lego Group) produces around 7 billion pieces a year? ( pieces… What a number!)

That means we have more than 100 pieces in the world for each person. One hundred Lego pieces for each person… Please, share this! It must be known! 😀

If each person uses 4 million pieces for one single building that number of 100 pieces per person will dicrease. James May Lego House. Click to see it.

Well. I must start. 🙂 Number 5 is…

5 — Yellow Minifig, Head Standard Grin Pattern

Sounds familiar to you? This Lego head has been produced since 1978, when the modern Lego minifigs were invented. They were first sold in Lego Castle sets.

The Lego Classic Castle 375-2 Set was the first one that included this heads, back to 1978.

More than 90 million of this beauties have been produced, and they continue in production line. The biggest set with this heads is the 10211 Grand Emporium.

Lets go to the second piece on the article of the #5MostProducedLego

4 –Technic, Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise WITH Center Slots

I must mention that it exists another oin, almost exactly the same but without center slots.

One of my favourites! A technic piece… Will it be the only Lego Technic piece on the list?

150 millions produced and 2.5 millions on sale at . This huge number is not a coincidence. It is part of EVERY technic set that has been produced, and some other non Lego Technic sets. And it has the biggest average number on sets.

8258 Crane Truck, a Lego Technic Set of course, is the set with the highest number of this pieces. More than 350 pins.

Lets continue to the third most produced piece. Remember to share this article. It helps a lot. #5MostProducedLego

3 — Any tipe of Lego Tyre

That is true! Wich a huge number of 318 millions of tyres produced, The Lego Group is the biggest tyre manufacter in the world!

Lots of work over here, guys

Will you imagine having, i do not know, 30.000 tyres produced each minute!? Incredible fact…

So the next piece in the article is…

2 — Plate 1 x 2

42 colours known of this great piece, infitie uses for it, and a quantity higher than 500 million… Is this real? Yes it is! The second most produced Lego piece EVER is the plate 1×2! Could you imagine it?

Infinite uses. That is the key. With all the mocs that use this piece (Not to mention the sets) it is well recognised.

Well, this is not the most clever use of this piece…

We are ending the article. And i am afraid to say that there will be no surprise on the most used Lego piece ever. So high is the number of the next piece that it has even a patent…

1 — Brick 2×4!!!

What can i say that havent about this piece… Produce since Lego started his travel with the ABS plastic, this piece is the most produced in the world. (But not the most used… 1×2 plate is the most used: 3108 sets have it)

This 2×4 brick is property of TLC, a patent.

10 million 2×4 bricks are on bricklink right now. Much more produced.


To sum up, i hope you liked the article. It would be a great help if you share it on Twitter, facebook, google, or whatever you can. It helps me a lot when doing new articles.

Thanks for reading yiharuablog.


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  1. Foolish Lego
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 02:53:50

    my Lego-addiction started when I got the yellow castle as a kid… didn’t know that was the first set with the mini’s in it! I do remember that that I have Lego ‘people’ who were a lot bigger… Nice sum-up.


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