This story tells us a tale of a gorgeous and rich land now buried under the sands,


“An old castle called  Ras-al-Jabar was built hundreds of years ago by Emir of
Rabaat in the southern realm of Mamlakat. The Salam river
runs through these lands and it is the main source of fresh water and
fish. Ras-al-Jabar is the center of trade and learning. Markets impress
everyone by rich variety of products from all over the world.
Ras-al-Jabar’s library is still the largest in the southern region.
This castle provided safety and defence to the whole land.
But its greatness fell when The Dark times began…”

Just wow! Fianat has made a great moc. An usual Arabic city, with all its details, see, castle, houses and even a bout. Congrats fianat! ;).

I cant stop posting photos of this big moc. Those soldiers are very realistic, and the castle fits perfectly in the mountain.

You can see more pictures here.


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