Lego Technic 8109 Flatbed Truck Review

Name: Flatbed Truck
Reference: 8109
Theme: Technic
Official price: 89,99 euros
Number of pieces: 1115
Price per piece: 0.08 euros
Inventory: Bricklink.
Year released: 2011

Good morning and happy holidays! Today I bring you the review of the set 8109, the Flatbed Truck. This set of 2011 is one of the most surprising sets i have purchased. This is the information that Lego gives on their website:

Clean up any crash with the cool and compact Flatbed Truck!

“Hit the road to transport vehicles everywhere with the Flatbed Truck! Steer it into place then raise or lower the motorized flatbed to load a vehicle with the winch. Extend the wheel lift to tow 2 vehicles! Rebuilds into a catering truck.
Features winch, wheel lift and motorized flatbed!
Includes realistic details and steering
Raise or lower the flatbed to load vehicles!
Tow a second vehicle with the winch!
Rebuilds into a catering truck!
Deliver hot treats with the catering truck!
Measures 16” (40cm) long and 6” (15cm) tall
Alternative model building instructions only available for download from”


The box is quite large but it has the right size for the pieces that brings.

I was surprised to see that almost 60% of the box was full, which is hard to see in these times by Lego…

It has 16 bags, including a Power Functions battery box and the Power Functions M motor.

It also brings three instruction books. They are well used, with approximately 60 pages each. Interestingly, the booklets came in a bag with a cardboard so they werent broken. Good point :).

Interesting pieces:

32449, liftarm 3×3 L shape.
61070, Yellow Technic, Panel Car Mudguard Left y and his counterpart, 61071.
55013, Dark Bluish Gray Technic, Axle 8 with Stop.
64782, Black Technic, Panel Plate 1 x 5 x 11.


At the end of the first book of instructions we have built all the systems, gears, etc.

It can be seen that the steering system so as a little bit of the hopper and  the hitch are already mounted.

In the second book we build the best part of this set, for me.

The frontal system parts are totally spectacular, and it is a great detail for the final truck. It is perfect and, without stickers, it gives a very realistic effect.

After finishing the second book we have mounted the cabin, with all its details, and we have the side of the truck built as well.

Notably, between all the sets that I have had with cab, this is the most realistic and the most I liked, well above the 8292 but not at the level of the 8258.


Finally, at the end of the third instruction booklet the set will be mounted. This will take about 4 to 5 hours, depending on the speed of each one :).

The spare parts are plentiful (I have come to think that I miss something to mount!)

More pictures from the set ended.

Here’s one of the hitchs. I do not like it is the structure is very, very weak and not well attached, it falls, and you can not get the truck from there.

Under a curved panel we have the clutch that allows us to change between two motorized functions.

That’s the only sticker of the set that I paste. I have always been totally opposed to the stickers on the technic sets.


This set could be compared with the majestic 8258.

The size and price difference is abysmal, but the Flatbed Truck, 8109  has achieved a similar result with far fewer parts. Similar, but without that fantastic crane.


I leave a video so you can view all the gadgets of the set. Hope you like it!

As you can see the gadgets are:

-Hopper can go up and down.
-Rear hitch can be extended and contracted.
-View mirrors.
-Non.shock abosrvers suspension.
-Another hitch.


I think this is a great set, and a must buy. Its price per piece is very good (remember: 0,08 € / piece) and the final result is fantastic. What’s more, it includes power functions (battery box and M motor) and a nice variety of pieces, many panels and different colors.

It is also very original, with mechanisms that have never been seen and interesting features.

But the Lego 8109 is not perfect. The bottom part is very robust, and you can take the set out there perfectly. But the top of the roof is a disaster … Something to improve in a mod. It is very fragile, you can not take from there and it shatters if you do so. In particular this part:

And it includes so many stickers that are not really a deterrent, because without them the set is really cool.

Thus these would be my qualifications:

Box design: 7
Vehicle design: 9.5
Gadgets: (Mirrors, clutches …): 7.5
Quality/Price: 8.5

Final: 8.1

A good set to buy.

I hope you liked it!


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