New Lego Technic parts for 2013

These are the parts that have been appearing on the net last days.

Plate with pin hole mount

It appeared on a system set, and it seems to be more useful in Lego System than Technic, but it has a technic part, the pin hole, so it is included here.

Liftarm 2×4 L with a transverse pin hole

This could be interesting for technic purposes. It is like the original 2×4 L liftarm, but the transversal hole makes it interesting.

¿Triple Axle Connector?

This one is quite strange, and not very useful. It may see the light in the future with undiscovered uses but for me and now it hasn´t any funtion.

This are all the part. Any comment? Do you think they are useful? 🙂

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