After one year of Yiharuablog

A lot have passed since the project of Yiharuablog came out of my mind.

Back to October of 2011 I opened the youtube account Yiharua. I just opened it as a way to promote all my creations. But going through the time, in December of 2011 I came up with the idea of Yiharuablog.

It all started at the 5th Hispalug Event (The biggest Spanish Lego Event). I got impressed there and i tought we need a way to share all that. Then, i understood that i could reach more people if i write the blog in English.

And so i did.

First of all.

Thank you to all of you, all the people that give me the power to continue Yiharuablog. Thank all of you that correct me every day :P. Than you. Really. You have my best greetings.

Then, in August 2012, Yiharuablog opened his twitter account. This account is  not very known by known. YiharuaT opened as another source to share all the articles and posts of Yiharaublog. It has now 36 followers.

The youtube account, Yiharua, has now 63 suscribers, wich is a good number, more than expected. Even it has not a good quality, it is made by AFOLS to AFOLS. It has 20.000 views, and the most Known suscriber is Akiyuki, the famous GBCer.

Finally, my best achievemnt is this blog. With nearly 30.000 visits in one year,  272 posts, and 250 comments it is now a complete source of sharing not only Lego NewsLego Technic but also other 110 different themes related to Lego.

Thank you for this year. I hope I can continue with the blog another year.

Objetives for the next year? I dont primise, i may not be able to complete them, but it would be great to make a Yiharuablog ffacebook account, a FlickR account and to make more than 2 daily posts.

Oh! And it would be great to have a helper :P.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LegoGBC
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 22:16:04

    Congrats! Keep it up


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