Most accurate Laat/i Viper Mark V ever

This Star Wars vehicle, part of the Clone army, is one of the most known ships on the trilogy, and its lego official version is not bad.

The Republic Gunship made by lumix is so detailed and has so many functionalities that i will not be able to do a complete review of it here. I´ll only post the best parts. For the whole article click here. (Notice that the article is in Spanish)

It is bigger than the original one. The back of the ship.

The top of the Laat is totally remade. And the new version is much better than the previous one.



Now the Lego Republic Gunship has cannon bubles on the sides, wich the previous version did not include.

The inside of the ship is much bgger. It can have more than 15 sLego CLone Soldiers full of weapons, even with the cannon bubles atached.

And the most interesting feature for me is the movable arm that is inside the vehicle. Just amazing!

This Lego Republic Gunship is the best Star Wars vehicle made ever, with more than 20 functions and lots of details! It uses PF to light itself…

A last comparison with the original Lego model.

Thank you lumix! I hope you all liked it readers.

Remember, more photos can be seen here. This arent all the features of the MOC!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. maerskfan
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 11:10:50

    that’s fanastic! always been my fav star wars ship. thanks for posting 😀


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