Lego Peterblit 379 by Sheepo

Incredible as always, Sheepo has made it again… His new creation, the Peterblit 379 is outstanding.


It is 33 studs wide, 40 studs high and 90 studs long, with a weight of 5.5 kg. It has 4 IR receivers, lots of pneumatics, a 9 speeds gearbox, brakes, 5th wheel, extractable cabin and motor… Summing up, it is a beast!


This is the Motor, completely accurate. The whole model has a 1:10 scale, same as other supercars like Vampire GT of crowkillers.


Here you can see it in the Lego Fanweekend at Skaerbaek, Denmark, with the Vampire GT, the Veyron and the Nathaniel supercar.

It is completily accurate and has a massive amount of pieces. For more pics visit Sheepo’s website

Finally, the video, with all its functions:


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