Lego: “Only the best is good enough”. A reality?

Is really the quality of Lego bricks the best? A few weeks ago we had in HispaLUG, the Spanish AFOL forum, a discussion on this topic.

Several users, including myself, complained on the forum that the quality of the bricks has been reduced drastically over the years while the prices have been rising.

We can not ignore the fact that Lego is a company, and as such wants to make a profit. But personally I prefer that prices rise with more consistent quality.

Worst of all, this drop in quality has reached the basic bricks. The HispaLUG user Hoexbroe speculated that the reduction of the quality in every brick could be due to the reuse that is given to the plastic. Parts with serious bugs would be returned to the production line.

According to an explanation of the same user, who has experience in this subject, by reusing the plastic Lego only makes the final product to have a worse quality. It’s like reheating the food. Reused plastic has worse quality.

Indeed, this can happen. But for the last few years we can see the “Made In China” horrible phrase in the lego sets. This means that not only Lego does not produce good quality bricks but they are manufactured in China.

Whatever is the reason why Lego is reducing the quality (and keeps the phrase “only the best is good enough” … So hypocritical), it is unacceptable. In times like these, in economic recesion, we can not allow this.

Low quality parts that have been seeing in these photos are not isolated problems. They tend to be a constant. Among my own pieces I can find examples.

Of course if the quality of the bricks continues to be reduced, should we buy bricks of other companies?

Some comments from users of the forum
“This is shameful”
– “That the decline in the quality of parts affecting the most basic brick, which is the basis of Lego, is, in my opinion, beyond what is permissible for any fan”

And a list of problems most viewed:
-Translucent parts
-Changes in tone of the parts
-Flanges on parts
-Broken parts on new sets or almost new sets

From Yiharuablog I encourage you to report this problem. When you find imperfect parts send a claim to The Lego Group. You can do it here:

With the weight that today social networks have, I also encourage you to do comments in the Lego twitter: @ Lego_Group. The more we denounce the more attention will Lego bring to us.

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Thanks for reading it.

Javier, the Yiharuablog manager.


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  1. lista de email
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 14:37:06

    nice article. i am a huge fan of your work and i’m always coming here to see what’s new. thanks.


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