The piece of the week and extra info

The last week piece was the pulley wheel 4185:

Eran1234 answer this:

“Pulleys can be used for so many things… first you can use it to transfer rotation using a rubber band…
you can use it to reduce the power to lift something when using a wire,
you can use it when building anything that envolves wires in it – like an elevator,
a gantry crane that uses wires to pick up things and more =]”

That is complete! Very fine work eran!

This week piece is another useful piece. It is the 61903 cardan union. What can you say about it?

As the extra info we have tomorrow the Lego I Technic Weekend in Castilla y León (Spain). We hope to do a trial truck race, a crazy ramp race (It is a  fabolous race, you will see it), a kart race, some brainstorming about technic…

You´ll be informed! 🙂


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