The piece of the week

First of all I am going to answer the question of the last week. The question was: what do you know about the lego power functions xl motor?”

Well, eran1234 answer this:

“First of all it is the strongest from all the PF motors,but less strong then the NXT servo (but faster than it)

it doesnt have any regular stud connection to it, only technic pins (unlike the M motor that has lego studs on the bottom)

rotates at 220 rpm without load (almost half the speed from the M Motor)”

A could add this. It weights 69g, more than the pf M motor (It weights 31g). It has less internal gear reducction than the NXT servo motor so it rotates faster, as eran have said.

Here are two links to the web page of philo, a fantastyic lego moccer, where is all the information about all the motors and about the power functions system. I hope it will be useful for you:

Here there is all the info about the pf system:

Here there is all the info about the lego motors:

Then the piece of this week is… the lego 4185 pulley wheel!

Where do we use this piece? What are the uses of this piece? Any information about it?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eran1243
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 13:43:19

    Well thats a great choise for a piece of the week 🙂

    Pulleys can be used for so many things… first you can use it to transfer rotation using a rubber band…
    you can use it to reduce the power to lift something when using a wire,
    you can use it when building anything that envolves wires in it – like an elevator,
    a gantry crane that uses wires to pick up things and more =]


    • yiharuablog
      Feb 29, 2012 @ 14:28:45

      Yes all that is true. The first thing I was thinking of when i choose this piece was the use with the rubers.

      What you say is also true but I am sure that there are some other uses. I’ll investigate!


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