Lego Mercedes Sls

This fantastic model of a Mercedes Sls made by jorgeopesi, member of the spanish lego comunity hispalug, is simply great. As he said it inclundes suspension, 7 speeds gearbox, steering, trunk, operable hood and doors as any other lego supercar” Well, I will say this is not easy to do for most of us…

It looks like the real Mercedes Sls. The good use of the technic bars makes the design a very good look. Here it is the real Mercedes.

It also includes a hand brake. Jorgeopesi included it in this photos, but it is not included in the video. This is another pic of the Lego Mercedes Sls:

And another one!

As we saw in the last photo this supercar includes a fake motor too. It looks like an V8 engine. Anyway the V8 engine can not move if is not conected to the gears. When it is conected it moves very well. You will see this in the video.

And finally the video:

In my opinion this Lego Mercedes Sls is a well designed MOC that includes all the “typical” functions of a supercar. However it is hard to do a supercar for most of the people so the functions are very complex for the majority.

But it would be better if this MOC includes a power functions system. I´ll like to see this enormous car in action!

Finally he said it could be motoriced in an easy way, but now is late since it is dismounted…

What is your opinion of the supercar?


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