News from Nuremberg Toy Fair

Yes, finally we have news about the lego technic 2012 sets. The new photos show us the L power functions motors and the servo power functions motors of the trial truck set. The set number is 9398.

As you see in the right side of the photo there are at least two new types of power functions motors. The set includes also a battery box and a remote control system.

Here we can see the new motors and another unteresting piece: Next to the front axle motor there is a special piece: Could it be a return to center system? I hope so.

This set look very, very good. For me it is a must have. But we don´t have only news about this set. The helicopter (9397?) has a new photo too. See it:

It´s quality it´s not as good as the previous photos but it is something. It also looks fine. It seems that all of the big sets of this years would be aswesome!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eran1243
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 20:18:54

    can you give a link for the photos?


  2. yiharuablog
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 20:27:18

    Here there are. I was preparing the post. Sorry!

    I hope you like it.


  3. eran1243
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 18:40:10

    any details about the new motors?

    and if you know : what are the advantages of a servo motor against a regular one (DC motor)


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