The piece of the week

The piece of this week seems to be a little bit special.

It is the knob gear, another fantastic gear, but why? I hope that you answer me as soon as posible.


Answering the question of the last week I must say that eran1234 gave me a fantastic response:

Because its a great gear?
first of all you can use it to switch outpots (because it can slide on the axle)
you can use it as a linear actuator using half bush piece
or just use it in gearing down ratios,because there is always just 1 teeh interacting with the other gear,making a 1 : X ratio.
lets say worm gear to 8 tooth – 1:8

Also, worm gear can be used as a lock, lets say to lift something and keep it lifted.

and last but not least… worm gear can be used with any other lego gear

I´d add that the worm gear can be used to block a mechanism. Do you know that some lifts in the world use a worm gear for security? If there is a problem the worm gear can block the system so that the elevator wont fall.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. eran1243
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 19:30:47

    Thank you for posting my comment 🙂
    im not very familiar with knob wheels,
    however, i do know that they cant interact with regular gears (only with other knob wheels)
    but,they are stronger than regular gears so they can handle much higher torque.


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