The set of the week

The set of the week is the 8068 Rescue Helicopter. I have already one of this. I bought it when I went to Praha. In Praha I see a lego museum (they call it legA muzeum). I was so excited, becouse I hadn´t visited a lego museum until that day. It was a funny visit. The have exposed most of the lego sets of all the lego history.

When I finished I decided to buy something. It was june. I asked if they have the unimog, and they have it! But it costed 260 euros. I decided not to buy that set. Then I buy the 8068 Rescue Helicopter.

The red pieces that you can see in my Moc come of this set. It has a lot of gadgets. First of all you can move the blades and the back rotor. The wheels can be moved inside or outside the helicpoter. The doors can be opened too. And you can move the seats.

If you want some red pieces, a set with a lot of gadgets, or simply a good lego technic set, this is your set.

In this video you can see all of the gadgets I have been talking about.

See you.


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  1. chair rail
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 20:41:31

    That’s kind of… abrupt.


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